Kat and Ian on Set (HQ) | October 16, 2014 | x

It’s quite a cool set-up and you’ll see a little bit more of what’s actually going on between Damon and Bonnie in the next episode. I’m happy that Ian [Somerhalder] and Kat [Graham] have a bunch of scenes coming up together. I think they work very well together.

—(x) Michael Malarkey’s THR Interview (via blueberrybamon)


TVD BNCE 2 in Brussels

Guys I found it ! I thought I didn’t record it but I have Ian’s answer :-)

"Which male character would you date on the show ?"

Everyone thought the girl said “main” instead of “male”.

"It’s pretty obvious… it’s Kat Graham"

The girl : “a male !”

I died when I heard that lmao

Kat Graham Talks Challenges on the set of TVD (x)


Bonnie and Damon //  Promotional photo season 6

return for Season 6 in ONE MONTH!

katgrahampicsOn set.

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